Katherine does Dessert (Badly!)

Hello All!

We are nearly at the freakin weekend! Perhaps you’ll even get the chance to use one of my previous posts: Dublin Weekend Activities on a Student Budget.

As for what I got up to over the last week? Where do I start?! It was my first week back at college after Christmas so it was a case of getting my head down. The River Island Press Day for #SS19 was on Tuesday and would you believe flared jeans are back? You can check out all the latest stock coming in over Feb, March and April over on my insta @PetrolRose. Aside from that, I’ve already broken my new year’s ‘more vegetables’ diet with a nutella and chocolate drops combo. Can anyone else sense my mam’s horror from here?

River Island Press Day with my fairy godmother

This week I’ve been checking my inbox and spotted a bunch of questions asking me about my weird dessert concoctions after I shared a post about my loving pasta and nutella together. Apparently this is quite the controversial topic. So, this week I’ve been gathering quirky dessert recipies from my pals as well as other delicacies I’ve happened upon along the way. This blog post is about the height of student fine dining.

Top of my list is my pasta and nutella combo. I’m talking basic penne and literally a spoonful of hazelnutty chocolatey goodness. It actually tastes a bit like crepes. Especially when it melts in just the right way. Wild.

My next one I witnessed my housemate do and I’ll be honest, I was horrified and skeptical when I saw it first. This dude takes powdered curry spices and chucks them on butter microwave popcorn. It’s actually decent. I would recommend sticking an extra knob of butter on it though.

Check out that spice organisation!

Cereal and ice cream was another suggestion made to me. I trialled this and my best combo to date has been the lidl vanilla ice cream with Coco Pops and Cookie Crisp.

One of my own ones that I’m not entirely sure fits in this list is spaghetti Bolognese with chocolate drops. I can sense your disgust but I promise it works.

Finally this is rookie level but dipping McCains crinkle oven chips with Avonmore strawberry mooju is pretty great.

That’s my contribution to society for this week! I’d love to hear about your dessert discoveries so shoot me messages. Until next week.

All my love,


2019: The year Kat finally adults?

Hiya Guys!

I’m back after a mental Christmas! I spent mine with the fam and my one true love- my darling cat. I had more chocolate than I should have and enough turkey sandwiches to last a lifetime (or at least another 12 months).


I’m aware I took the foot off the pedal and didn’t post for a bit, but I had to take a wee break. Given I share everything about myself and what I’m up to pretty much every day, I thought it was deserved! On that though I was taking stock of our community over on Instagram and I cannot believe we are very nearly at the 20k milestone. I originally started my little account in order to share some modelling pictures and shite angled selfies with my pals. From there I started to connect with some of you sharing the trials and tribulations of being a student and it has absolutely snowballed. I am overwhelmed and incredibly touched by each and every single one of you that have elected to come along on this weird and wonderful journey.

I remember my tagline when I started living the online life was describing myself as “The Token Leprechaun and Crazy Kat Lady”. Oh how we have evolved since then. It would seem as though it has all morphed into the recording and cataloguing of my adulting f*ck ups. And as some of you have noticed I have changed my tagline to suit it -“Attempting to be an adult one misstep at a time..” I think I’ll always being aiming to reach peak adulting and hoping to be one of those ladies who manage to make their career and personal life look effortless and stylish. You know, one of those ladies who don’t get the police called to the house at stupid o’clock because they burned pasta. A story for another time (yes that actually happened)! I don’t quite think I’ll reach peak lady guru level, but it’s still nice to try to set some goals and give it a whiz.


So, here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to set myself some manageable adulting goals for the next year. We’ll do a review in January of 2020. In the meantime I’m hoping all 20k+ of you will help me get there by reminding me to get my ass in gear and actually do it!

  1. I’m going to exercise-ish. I will never be a gym bunny as proven by an attempt my fab pal Sarah and I made which ended in brownies. I did try it a week later alone and that one ended in tears. I would, however, like to make an attempt to walk the hour and 20 minutes into college or back from it at least once a week. A spot of yoga probably wouldn’t go amiss either.
  2. I’m going to blog at least twice a month. Less excuses, I’m just going to sit down and write.
  3. Vegetables. I need to eat more of those.
  4. Actually being sociable. I’d really like to start getting to know you all better this year. captureu
  5. I am going to learn how to iron properly this year.
  6. I will try my best to be on time for things. I can hear you laughing from here mam and dad. I’ll give it my best shot.

I’ve put it in writing now, so you can all hold me to it! I’ll write again soon. Another wee thank you for all the love and support!

Much love,


A Coffee a Day Keeps Katherine Awake!

Hello All!

I hope you’ve been well! I’ve spent the last few days getting assignments in and linking up with the fam. We had our annual big family get together. Joy of joys! Santa is bringing college exams for Christmas, so I’m getting the head down (See mammy?). That means this post is coming right on time!

You’ve probably spotted ‘I ❤ caffeine’ and ‘coffee hit’ sprawled across my Instagram (@PetrolRose) stories by now on the daily. It’s no secret that I spend my days heavily caffeinated in some of Dubin’s quirkiest cafés. Wannabe Hipster much? I’m definitely a night owl in need of a pure boost, but I have a major sweet tooth. You’re more likely to find me ordering a mocha rather than an Americano- no milk, no sugar. Apologies to my fabulous, but coffee connoisseur housemates who love nothing more than a fresh black french press coffee, I’m willing to bet my sugary order hurts! This Blog post is a quick guide to my favourite spots to grab some caffeine between classes.

1. Clement and Pekoe, South William St.

Clement and Pekoe is home to Dublin’s best Mocha- a regular order of mine. Picture giant chocolate stirrers. This fab spot is a two minute walk from Stephens Green Shopping Centre. It has everything from a nook to books to have a browse through. They even have their own tea line which is carried by several cafés around Dublin!

Mochas Clement and Pekoe

2. Busyfeet & Coco, South William St.

If you want a decent latte that is positvely Insta-worthy check out this place. I prefer the seats outside. I like to people watch over a cuppa. I also recommend a slice of their carrot cake whilst you’re at it. Tasty stuff!

Loading up on caffeine between classes!

3. Network café, Aungier St.

Network café is one of Dublin’s quirkier spots. It opened up two years ago with networking and communication in mind. It’s a great spot to have a cosy one and a chinwag with your pals! Coffees are served on funky boards. What better place to feel hip and trendy?

Cosy cuppa @Network

4. Kaph, Drury St.

Kaph is know for being a favourite haunt amongst bloggers and instagrammers alike, myself included! I find this café ideal for banging out assignments or working with classmates on group projects. It has to be done! Staff here are super friendly and their cappuccinos are off the chain!

5. Accents, Stephen St.

Coffee art at Accents

You’ll often find Accents café at the top of articles about Dublin coffee spot recommends. It’s no wonder given how lovely it is! Accents was one of my first coffee house discoveries. Although this particular blog post is about coffee spots and they do do great coffee, I can’t but help give a special mention to their Hot Chocolates which are a Dublin must do!

6. Dolce Sicily, Dawson St.

Finally on my list is Dolce Sicily! This place is a fantastic setting for a great coffee. Located on Dawson St. it is fabulously decorated with it’s Georgian interiors. Fantastic coffee to boot too. My recommend here is a vanilla latte with literally anything from their baked goods section. It’s all tasty af. Carbs remain the way to my heart.

Chilling in Dolce Sicily

Well, that’s me for this one! I have a few posts to look forward to coming up to Christmas (I know, we’re nearly there). I’ll catch you guys soon!


Dublin Weekend Activities on a Student Budget

Hey Guys!

Firstly, my sincerest apologies about the lack of posting. Unfortunately I had bronchitis and my laptop decided it didn’t want to work with me anymore. I’ve been getting lots of lovely messages from you, so it’s good to know I’ve been missed! This week is a busy one, so keep an eye on my Instagram stories for launch parties and takeovers, etc.

In the meantime though, let’s take a look at weekend activities to do in Dublin on a student budget. All of these activities are as cheap or expensive as you’d like them to be. I’ve tried them all both ways and to be honest, with the right group, it doesn’t really make a difference how much you spend to have fun.

1) A day out in Dún Laoghaire
Dún Laoghaire is pretty handy because getting there is easy. There’s lots of Dublin bus routes heading out that direction including the 46a which you can grab in town. There’s plenty to do depending on what kind of day you’re feeling. You could go for a free dip in the sea at the 40ft or incredibly cheap drinks at the weatherspoons 40ft. I maintain their cocktails are both delicious and dangerous. A walk along the pier at your own pace is great for those chillier days.

Casual AF

In terms of places to snack, Dún Laoghaire has a lot to offer. It’s home to one of my favourite pubs The Purty Kitchen and one of my favourite restaurants Bits and Pizzas. If you’re grabbing a quick lunch or breakfast though, I can’t recommend Quigleys café highly enough. Finally a day here would not be complete without ice cream: Teddys are a 99 classic, must do. Scrumdiddlys will give you the ice cream experience of your life. Do both!

Quigleys Café with an absolute legend

2. Sandyford
Sandyford is a quick green line luas ride away from the city with plenty to do. My top recommendation being Jumpzone. It is an entire building of trampolines! What more could you possibly want?! Prices start at €11. I’ve had lots of great times here, so it is a must do.

3. City Centre
Days in the city can start to get pricey very quickly. Luckily, there’s more to do than shop! For arty folk Dublin is full of great free museums; my favourite being the RHA. Or better yet; bring yourself on a graffiti tour of Dublin- take a walk down the alley behind the Bernard Shaw to see some incredible pieces. For theatre heads Smock Alley do lots of eclectic plays from as little as €5 for a student ticket. Comedy gets me out on Sundays and where better to discover new comedians and get a free show than the Comedy Crunch at the Stags Head?

City Slicker

Foodwise the city is full of great spots with a student discount. I’m anticipating a blog post about that soon. Truly though, grab yourself a few snacks from lidl or tesco on your way into the city and have a picnic in Stephen’s green.

4. Dundrum
Dundrum can be another fun day out, again only a bus or a luas ride away. Dundrum is home to Rainforest mini golf where you can compete with your pals and prices for a game start at less than a tenner.

Alternatively if you fancy watching a movie with friends or bae, there is a cinema in the shopping centre with student tickets costing €7. Bonus:Tesco is located in the shopping centre too, so you can bring your own snacks!

Airfield Estate is a working farm in Dundrum less than a five minute walk from the luas. There’s lots to explore around the farm and student tickets are €8.

5. Phoenix Park
Last on my list is the Dublin Classic; the Phoenix Park. Hop on the 46a in town and head out to Dublin’s garden. I’d highly recommend bringing a picnic along and just sitting enjoying the view. You might get lucky and see some deer! If you fancy spending to see animals though, the Zoo is conveniently located in the park. Student tickets here cost €13.50 which isn’t bad for a day-long activity.

So, there we go for this week! I hope they’ve been in some way helpful. I’d love to hear your suggestions for weekend activities too so shoot me a message anytime.

I’ll catch you again soon!