Katherine Knits Bits 🧶

So, perhaps we’ve picked up new hobbies over lockdown, or maybe we’ve gone back to our old ones. I went back to knitting. I learned how to knit by having 2 wonderful teachers. My grandma Robbo taught me the bunny method for stitching and fixed all of my knitting mistakes and disasters. Mrs Callaghan, my teacher in school had great patience in teaching us how to make a basic teddy. I’ve progressed since those days to cable knits and jumpers. Really hamming up the Irish cailín stereotype now, right?

I never really viewed my little projects as something anyone would have an interest in. Over the lockdown, I’ve shared some of my bits over on the ‘gram. It transpires I was wrong! The wooly community is far bigger and far more active than I’d originally thought. I’ve been putting the feelers out and it looks like a big aul group of you would like to see more.

I’ll give you my list and you can tell me what you think. Between here and Christmas I have 3 jumpers, 2 cardigans, 2 hats and 15 scarves to make. All of these are going to have different styles and patterns. As a sort of knit along project, I can share with you my favourite places to get wool and a couple of my patterns? I have a particularly cool 42 stitch celtic cabling pattern that is dear to my heart.

My celtic pattern

Christmas will be tight for many people this year and gift giving can get excessively expensive quickly. Knitting can be melded to suit any budget. The scarves I have in mind to make this year are 22€ for 5 of them. How’s that for stretching a budget? Jumpers and cardigans sit around 20-50€ depending on the size. Given the time, effort and swearing put into each piece, they can’t but be treasured by those who get them!

Drop me a line over on the gram @PetrolRose to let me know what you think or would like to see. I’m taking a staycation this week, so I’ll have plenty of time to get back to you!

Grandma made this one for me!

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