Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home with this..

St. Paddy’s Day is usually a funny one for me! I’m usually unsure as to whether I should be going out and enjoying the pubs or hiding away as I’m a target for cheery drunks because I look like the Leprechaun stereotype. This year my decision was made for me, as the pubs are closed and the parades are cancelled whilst Ireland gets to grips with Covid 19. It’s hard to feel festive when we’re all hiding from each other. So, I’ve been trawling the interwebs and coming up with some festive bits and bobs you can do.

I’ve seen quite a number of people suggest that we get our arts and crafts on. Many of us are making the most of being able to venture outside for walks before everything goes into lock down. In lieu of attending a parade, we can all contribute something for walkers to look at. It’s been suggested that between this evening and tomorrow morning we put together a festive green display in our windows. How about a stick man St. Patrick or a paint splash shamrock?

Mam used to tactfully ask us to explain our artwork. Dad on the other hand…

Consider a jig at home with your family. Alright, you may need a drink before you do this one, but that’s what the magic press usually dipped into at Christmas is for, right? Shitck on your favourite bit of trad and break out the dance moves you learned at school or being frog marched down to the nightly céilí at summer gaeltachts. The Riverdance company will have some real competition on their hands!

Speaking of the beloved gaeltacht, how about an Irish hour? Give using your cúpla focail a go. If that’s not working for you, pop TG4 on. BLOC on TG4 is a variety of digital channels (FB, Youtube, Insta) aimed at those between 18-35. Think of it kind of like a combination of Vice and Buzzfeed as Gaeilge! I was lucky enough to collab with them about my favourite graffiti spots in Dublin which you can watch here!

Mary Coughlan, Hillary Bowe and Liam Ó Maonlaí have suggested we mirror those that have stood on their balconies and sang in recent days in Italy in Spain. The suggestion is that we stand outside our doors at 12pm and give our best renditions of ‘ Óró sé do bheatha ‘bhaile ‘. For those of us that aren’t quite brave enough, how about a drink and a sing-song by the fire? I fondly remember sing-songs in times past whereby my Grandad’s cousin Kathleen would sing the most beautiful rendition of ‘ Danny Boy ‘ and my Grandma would sing ‘ Spinning Wheel ‘ .

I’ll be trying some of them with my family. In the meantime, stay safe, stay quarantined and let me know what you choose to do!

All my love,

Katherine xx