Gym? Me? Gym? Ha!

The new year brought with it promises from most of us that this would be the year that venturing to the gym finally occurs. I joined the masses in making those promises.

My parents would be the first to tell you that ‘sport’ and ‘Katherine’ do not exist in the same spheres. I was often the one making up any excuse under the sun to avoid P.E. I recall one incident a few years ago whereby I fractured my little toe falling down the stairs. I think it’s fair to say I milked that injury for all it was worth in terms of time away from the dreaded sports classes! More recently, my best mate and I had the wonderful notion of a journey to the UCD gym. That venture ended in tears and brownies with ice cream. We’ll never live down the shame! Good brownies, though!

It’s nearing the end of February now. I’m no close to being any fitter. Unfortunately for me, I can’t just leave starting again next year this time! After a wine or 2 over Christmas, my darling family talked me into signing up to cycling from Passau, Germany to Budapest this coming May. So, I’m starting the couch to 50k.

Over the next few months, I’ll be blogging, moaning and groaning about my vying to not keel over and die after the first day of cycling about the place in May. I’ve joined the world of Fitbits and spinach. So, keep an eye on the blog and I’ll fill you in on my journey.

Light some candles for me!

Kat x