A quick go raibh míle!

‘Tis the end of a decade and we are all looking forward to the next one and what might lie ahead. Before we all start our new year’s promises, we’re all reflecting a little on our last ten. So, I’m adding to all the sappy blog posts! Here’s a short reminisce and some thanks for the last decade which culminated in my proudest moment to date; attending the @beautyblogawards with my brother this year as a finalist.


I started this decade aged 12 and acne-covered with not much confidence in myself. Over the past ten years I haven’t exactly grown much taller. I’ve spent my teenage years driving my parents up the wall and stressing about the junior and leaving cert. I managed to get my first choice on CAO after many nights of study and tears. I made some amazing memories and pals during my time at UCD. I thereafter found where I was supposed to be heading study field wise and am due to graduate next year (let’s hope!). Nothing is ever straightforward, so don’t worry if you haven’t gone about uni the ‘right’ way.
Thanks to my amazing family and friends, I have been afforded a lot of support and opportunities. I progressed further than I thought I would. I have connected with so many more than I believed possible. I got a cat. I’ve fought for things I really believe in. I’ve built this insane audience of people that reach out to me on a daily basis. Most importantly, I am ending this decade happy and confident in myself.


I have a lot to look forward to this year coming from my own personal projects, to working with studios I grew up watching. I cannot wait for the next ten to begin. I am incredibly grateful to you all.

Le grá,

Katherine x