My Milkshake Brings all the Cats to the Yard

Yesterday 4 years ago I welcomed a (now) not so little sh*t into my life. Dragon has brought a lot to my life: joy, happiness, fun and a lot of dead mice. Ew. He joined us after some time spent in Drogheda Animal Rescue and he may as well have always been part of the family because of how well he fit in. I absolutely love this wee man. He loves his cat sticks, naps and driving my father nuts at any expense. Despite driving him up the walls, his favourite lap to nap in is always dad’s. This is much to everyone else’s annoyance as we shower him in unappreciated affection. Dragon is very much my cat though, as I keep telling him. I swear he understands.


I’m sat now in front of the fire, home for Christmas. Dragon is curled up in a ball beside me. In the utility room, in her basket, is Ziggy (now grown) who is the kitten of a wildcat, Morgan Freeman (don’t ask), who adopted us for a number of years. Being in the countryside, many wildcats roam the fields. Any of the cats that have stuck around for a period to get cuddled and fed have earned a name or two. Many of you have not gotten or have the luxury of being adopted by a fabulous field feline and this Christmas are considering adopting or rescuing one of your own. Cats make for fantastic pets and I couldn’t recommend them enough. They are more loveable and cuddly than the Facebook memes imply. That being said, I would implore you to remember as you’re considering this gift that a cat is not just for Christmas and is at least a 10 to 15 year commitment.


By taking on a cat, you are making a promise to look after a little life who will love you, if, from afar sometimes. Before bringing one into your life consider a few things. Are you financially stable enough to cover food, litter, vet bills and somewhere warm for them to sleep? Will the cat be indoor or outdoor and be vaccinated or neutered appropriately? Will the cat be around children and if so, is the cat’s personality suited to them? Conduct some research before making your decision and make use of the people available to you! Shelters want the cat’s to go to the right home and will be more than happy to inform you about which moggy is right for you. On the topic of Shelter’s, please consider adopting instead of shopping this Christmas. Give a kitty a chance at a great life. Our one has been spoiled within an inch of his life so much that you would think he was born into royalty. This is a stark contrast to where he started abandoned on a balcony with his siblings and mother. If a high-energy 10 to 15 year commitment is too much for you, perhaps consider an older cat. There’s guaranteed to be plenty in every shelter!


I’m incredibly grateful to have this big eejit in my life, if not for the adventures, at least to blame the noises on when something goes bump in the night. I love the bones of him. He is the best reason to come home (sorry mam and dad!). I’d like to thank Drogheda Animal Rescue for my fur-baby and all the other animal shelters for all the hard work they do throughout the year. So, this Christmas when you’re liking all the pictures of the Insta-cats and kittens and considering one of your own, please make an informed and thoughtful decision and if you do, please rescue.


Kat x