Where’s me jumper?❄

Hey lads,

It’s absolutely Baltic out! Like, there was snow and ice up at my parents in exotic county Louth. So, naturally like the eejit I am, I’ve been wandering around town without gloves so I can text. I’m amazed I can just about feel my fingers. At least I’ve been wearing jumpers though! I met one of you in the city centre about a month ago and it was pointed out to me that I seem to be the only blogger in Ireland who’s blog is 95% jumpers. What can I say? I’m a creature of comfort! Feck Bali and bikinis, give me woolly jumpers all day long. The shops are absolutely filled with them too, so I presume your wardrobes are also starting to fill with them. Styling jumpers can be strangely difficult because it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same thing that you find works. Below, are a few suggestions of styling bit I’ve found work.

So, where did the rainbow jumper come from? Tesco. For less than €20. ‘Tis the season to be saving. You don’t need to spend lots in order to where something a bit different. I picked up the dungaree dress in Penneys for €13. By choosing I looser fit dress, I can fit all my Christmas chunk and chunky knits into the dress. I’m usually a size 6 in Penneys dresses, so I picked up a size 8 in order to get the looser fit.

Pair it with a nice kilt. Mammy picked up this one in Scotland. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen similar patterns in H&M. Speaking of mammy, she also has me warned about wearing coats. I was actually wearing one, I just took it off for the picture because fashion.

This is the same idea, but I’m pairing my boring jumpers with brightly coloured skirts. I actually liked this skirt so much I bought it in 4 colours. Now you can go play a Where’s Wally? skirt game over on my Instagram. I am, despite appearances, wearing tights in this picture. M&S do tights made by the ginger gods for €6. Also I’ve had a pair for 3 months now and still waiting for a rip.

Funky accessories make a jumper. Swap your necklaces for scarves and you’ve got a solid festive look.

Look at this for edgy! Now, I really should be wearing boots with this, but, honestly I was running late and couldn’t find them. By pairing the jumper with these pleather trousers, it’s just added a wee bit more than jeans.

Hopefully you picked up a few geansaí related ideas there! I’ll be sharing lots more blog posts and insta posts over the next while because assignments are in and exams are done. Bring on Christmas!


Katherine x