Back to College Essentials for the Auld Ones

Ah September, back to Harvard Referencing, rambling lectures and enough caffeine to induce a heart attack. For those of you that are starting college for the first time this year this blog post here is for you. If, however, you’re like me: crusty, old (not fresh faced 18) and just about crawling your way to class then this one’s for you. Let’s be real, you’re not ultimately going to change this year. You will still spend the vast majority of your time complaining that “It’s too early to be awake.” despite the fact that it’s 4pm. So what do I really mean by ‘essentials’? What could possibly have not occurred to you? Well, truthfully not much I would wager. Sometimes though, we need the vaguely obvious pointed out in order to just about get our shit together.

The first thing I would advise is using digital tools to your benefit. All about them Google docs! Handy for tip tapping on your laptop or even use the app on your phone in class. This is particularly useful for study before an exam. My advice is to create a shared doc with 2 other mates in each module. Title the doc the specific module name and break down the doc by subtitling ‘lecture 1, lecture 2’ etc. This is a great way to ensure if you zone out for a minute, you’ll still be getting the notes.

Organise a cheap trip somewhere with your mates you haven’t seen all summer. You meant to stay in touch, but between internships, waitering and pretending to be busy i.e Netflix, you just didn’t get a chance to. College memories are for life and sure look even if the friendships don’t last for one reason or another you’ll at least be glad you didn’t squander your youth. Reading weeks aren’t actually for reading, right?

Classy trip to Sligo

Sign up for hobbies outside of college. It’s very easy to get sucked into the college life and social scene surrounding, but with that also comes all the drama. By signing up to hobbies outside of college you are using the opportunity of all the free time you have for such a limited period. On top of that you are expanding your horizons with new people and experiences.

Rather simple bits, but each add up to the makings of a good semester. Positive frame of mind and all that when you feel vaguely organised and you have a few wee bits and bobs to look forward to!

Write soon

Katherine x