22, Month Review & Brows That Are New!🎂

Hey Guys!

It’s been a wee bit! Remember those New Year’s promises I made about writing often? Apparently I didn’t! Between classes and other bits and bobs it’s been mental of late. I did manage to get some writing done though -which you can check out on Oxygen.ie. It’s my wee surviving a hangover guide.

We’ve hit a milestone this month- 20k of you following my f*ck ups. Wow, we need to get out more! I’m kidding. I love you all. This bit of human contact between us makes me less of a gremlin! February is usually a big month for me -packed with family events, Valentine’s day and my birthday! If any of you are wondering, I spent a romantic evening in with my Housemate’s cat and Legally Blonde this Valentine’s day. Jealous? I’m sure you are!

Celebrating 20k with my two biggest supporters!

I had my 22nd birthday on Tuesday last week and celebrated with my pals (House party!!). Luckily no injuries! To top off my birth-week my brilliant parents were kind enough to bring me to Edinburgh which was absolutely mad craic. Between comedy shows and castles it was a busy trip!

Birthday cake!

I’ve decided to do more of what makes me happy this year and to start off that process I’m finally sorting my eyebrows. (#Ad) As a ginger I have naturally blonde i.e. invisible brows and they’ve always been a real confidence shaker for me. Between constantly dyeing them and colouring them in badly I’ve never really figured out a knack for fixing them. You only have to scroll back on my instagram or blog to see how bad they really were.

In order to fix them for good I collaborated with Make Blink Studios in Dublin. I got semi permanent brows! You’ve probably noticed my raving about the difference on Instagram or even finally allowing unedited close ups of my face because I’m not embarrassed anymore. I’ll take you through my experience so far!

Can you even tell what’s hair and what’s not?

Before I went for the treatment Juliana who took care of me talked me through the procedure and covered all my worries and concerns. My main ones being pain, colour and shape. She assured me that rather than finding a ‘once size fits all shape’ she would work with my features to find what’s right for me. This was a great reassurance because one of my brows seems to pull higher than the other. Sisters not twins! In terms of colour being a ginger is obviously a worry trying to find the perfect shade. Again I was calmed by the prospect of picking the perfect colour. I think you’ll agree by looking at the pictures she got it spot on!

Look at the difference!

The actual treatment was fantastically easy-going. Juliana talked me through the treatment again and put my nerves to rest. We started by drawing out the perfect shape for me adjusting to the exact form I wanted.

Juliana placed numbing cream over my brows so the procedure was relatively painless. The whole process actually only took about an hour. I saw the difference immediately! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much confidence as I did looking in the mirror afterwards.

Mapping the right shape

In terms of the healing process it took about a week. I had a wee cream to put on my brows daily and cleaned my brows every day too. On the third day my brows started to flake as expected. However by the end of the week the flaking had stopped and they were completely healed. I absolutely love my new brows to bits. I keep waking up thinking I’ve left my make up on!

The great news is you can get them too with €50 off semi permanent makeup at Make Blink Studios using @PetrolRose! Make sure you’re following me and Make Blink Studios on Instagram. If you have any questions shoot them over to either one of us.

Chat soon! Much love as always.

-Kat x

I’m not a salad girl!