Katherine does Dessert (Badly!) 🍫

Hello All!

We are nearly at the freakin weekend! Perhaps you’ll even get the chance to use one of my previous posts: Dublin Weekend Activities on a Student Budget.

As for what I got up to over the last week? Where do I start?! It was my first week back at college after Christmas so it was a case of getting my head down. The River Island Press Day for #SS19 was on Tuesday and would you believe flared jeans are back? You can check out all the latest stock coming in over Feb, March and April over on my insta @PetrolRose. Aside from that, I’ve already broken my new year’s ‘more vegetables’ diet with a nutella and chocolate drops combo. Can anyone else sense my mam’s horror from here?

River Island Press Day with my fairy godmother

This week I’ve been checking my inbox and spotted a bunch of questions asking me about my weird dessert concoctions after I shared a post about my loving pasta and nutella together. Apparently this is quite the controversial topic. So, this week I’ve been gathering quirky dessert recipies from my pals as well as other delicacies I’ve happened upon along the way. This blog post is about the height of student fine dining.

Top of my list is my pasta and nutella combo. I’m talking basic penne and literally a spoonful of hazelnutty chocolatey goodness. It actually tastes a bit like crepes. Especially when it melts in just the right way. Wild.

My next one I witnessed my housemate do and I’ll be honest, I was horrified and skeptical when I saw it first. This dude takes powdered curry spices and chucks them on butter microwave popcorn. It’s actually decent. I would recommend sticking an extra knob of butter on it though.

Check out that spice organisation!

Cereal and ice cream was another suggestion made to me. I trialled this and my best combo to date has been the lidl vanilla ice cream with Coco Pops and Cookie Crisp.

One of my own ones that I’m not entirely sure fits in this list is spaghetti Bolognese with chocolate drops. I can sense your disgust but I promise it works.

Finally this is rookie level but dipping McCains crinkle oven chips with Avonmore strawberry mooju is pretty great.

That’s my contribution to society for this week! I’d love to hear about your dessert discoveries so shoot me messages. Until next week.

All my love,