A Coffee a Day Keeps Katherine Awake!☕

Hello All!

I hope you’ve been well! I’ve spent the last few days getting assignments in and linking up with the fam. We had our annual big family get together. Joy of joys! Santa is bringing college exams for Christmas, so I’m getting the head down (See mammy?). That means this post is coming right on time!

You’ve probably spotted ‘I ❤ caffeine’ and ‘coffee hit’ sprawled across my Instagram (@PetrolRose) stories by now on the daily. It’s no secret that I spend my days heavily caffeinated in some of Dubin’s quirkiest cafés. Wannabe Hipster much? I’m definitely a night owl in need of a pure boost, but I have a major sweet tooth. You’re more likely to find me ordering a mocha rather than an Americano- no milk, no sugar. Apologies to my fabulous, but coffee connoisseur housemates who love nothing more than a fresh black french press coffee, I’m willing to bet my sugary order hurts! This Blog post is a quick guide to my favourite spots to grab some caffeine between classes.

1. Clement and Pekoe, South William St.

Clement and Pekoe is home to Dublin’s best Mocha- a regular order of mine. Picture giant chocolate stirrers. This fab spot is a two minute walk from Stephens Green Shopping Centre. It has everything from a nook to books to have a browse through. They even have their own tea line which is carried by several cafés around Dublin!

Mochas Clement and Pekoe

2. Busyfeet & Coco, South William St.

If you want a decent latte that is positvely Insta-worthy check out this place. I prefer the seats outside. I like to people watch over a cuppa. I also recommend a slice of their carrot cake whilst you’re at it. Tasty stuff!

Loading up on caffeine between classes!

3. Network café, Aungier St.

Network café is one of Dublin’s quirkier spots. It opened up two years ago with networking and communication in mind. It’s a great spot to have a cosy one and a chinwag with your pals! Coffees are served on funky boards. What better place to feel hip and trendy?

Cosy cuppa @Network

4. Kaph, Drury St.

Kaph is know for being a favourite haunt amongst bloggers and instagrammers alike, myself included! I find this café ideal for banging out assignments or working with classmates on group projects. It has to be done! Staff here are super friendly and their cappuccinos are off the chain!

5. Accents, Stephen St.

Coffee art at Accents

You’ll often find Accents café at the top of articles about Dublin coffee spot recommends. It’s no wonder given how lovely it is! Accents was one of my first coffee house discoveries. Although this particular blog post is about coffee spots and they do do great coffee, I can’t but help give a special mention to their Hot Chocolates which are a Dublin must do!

6. Dolce Sicily, Dawson St.

Finally on my list is Dolce Sicily! This place is a fantastic setting for a great coffee. Located on Dawson St. it is fabulously decorated with it’s Georgian interiors. Fantastic coffee to boot too. My recommend here is a vanilla latte with literally anything from their baked goods section. It’s all tasty af. Carbs remain the way to my heart.

Chilling in Dolce Sicily

Well, that’s me for this one! I have a few posts to look forward to coming up to Christmas (I know, we’re nearly there). I’ll catch you guys soon!