Kat’s Guide to Tipsy Town🍾

Ah the college years; nights out culminating in a bit of a dance, a bit of a cry and mighty craic. I’ve been a student for almost four years in Dublin now and much to my parents dismay (Sorry mammy!), I’ve compiled quite the list of favourite spots to go out in Dublin. I like to think I’m neither a pub nor a club girl. I believe I dabble in both. That means that this list will be a mix of both! Also I’m always open to suggestions so, absolutely feel free to send me on any you have!

Let’s begin!

  1. Twenty Two, South Anne Street -I feel like the most stylish version of myself here. I think it’s one of Dublin’s most glamorous spots. Between the decor and the service, this spot is second to none. Also the saxophone player really adds to the tunes!
  2. The Hairy Lemon, Stephens Green-This spot is super cosy and yet manages to feel hip and trendy at the same time. The music here is pretty indie. It’s a busy place, so get here early if you’d like to sit. Oh! And whilst your here, check out the wee beer garden -it’s pretty cool.
  3. Mima’s Café, Beechwood- This place is fantastic for two reasons: Great location, even better wine! Mima’s café turns into a fabulous wine bar in the evening. The best place to sit is out on the chairs outside. Grab a glass of Rosé and watch the world go by!

Drinks at Mima’s
  • The Mezz, Temple Bar -Into gigs and channeling your scene phase? Me too! The Mezz is where I relive those days of when I thought I was the coolest rocker in town. I definitely wasn’t, but this location manages to make you feel like it. If you’re into finding new bands and sounds, give this place a visit.
  • Diceys, Harcourt Street -Thursdays at Diceys are the holy grail of my summer internships! This is the place that memories that you don’t really want remembered are made! That being said it’s a great place to have a bop and get those €2 pints in on a weekday

  • AirBrush_20181004162147.jpg
    Pints with the bro at Diceys
  • O’Donoghues, Baggot Street- This spot is all about atmosphere! If you want somewhere to have a drink and chat, it is ideal. The smoking area has a roof covering and so many heaters, it actually feels like you’re inside. That’s my favourite part of the bar.
  • The Purty Kitchen, Monkstown- This place is for a relaxed drink. Just minutes from Dun Laoghaire pier, it is my ideal spot for an after walk drink. It is beautifully decorated and has a really chill atmosphere.

  • Capture8
    Dun Loaghaire Pier
  • Coppers, Harcourt Street- If ever you have the intention of catching my awful dance moves and doing just about anything embarrassing you can think of this is the place to go. I think Coppers speaks for itself. Funky Saturday night? You bet!
  • Catch you at one of these spots soon!