Hair-Raising Adventures 💇‍♀️

I’ve been getting this question and never answering it properly for the last two years. I’ve spent lots of time cracking jokes about frying it. Truth is, I don’t think I’ve ever put too much thought into how I do my hair!

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it for sure. My hair has had quite a history, but I guess most of the questions are about how it looks now so, I’ll include a horrific timeline at the end. Protect your eyes!

Fulfilling my inner Hipster checking out records at The Rage Dublin

If you are to take one lesson from this blog post, it is to go sign yourself up for a styling lesson at your local salon. Or, ask questions as you’re getting your next haircut. Being in your early twenties is all about budgeting! I love all things beauty related, but at the end of the day I use mostly guesswork. My main tools are a hairdryer (with nothing fancy attached to it), a straightener, bobbins, a detangler brush from Lidl and some bobby pins. Nothing extravagant. That being said, I used to dry my hair out completely until my fabulous hairdresser recommended that I get my sh*t together and invest in some heat protectant. He was right too. It has sorted my drying problem right out.

An attempt at snow fashion…

So, what do I do? I wash my hair! I sway between using Herbal Essences and L’Oréal, honestly because they have nice bottles and smell nice. The buzzwords I look for are drying or repairing. I kill it with heat so anything restorative sounds great to me! Every now and then I use one of those Aussie 3 minute conditioners which makes me feel really posh and my hair feels amazing. Or if I’m feeling particularly adventurous and know I don’t need to see anyone for 3 days I bang some coconut oil into it. It feels great after that, but I still haven’t worked out the knack for washing it out completely the first day.

After a shower I spritz heat protectant through my hair. The golden L’Oréal bottle or the pink V05 ones are great. After that, I break out the hairdryer. I don’t attach any fancy heads to it or aim it in any particular direction other than whatever one looks like it’s taming my curls that particular day.

This is going to sounds insane, but then I straighten my naturally curly hair and then curl it again using the same straightener. My natural hair is those sort of wild unruly curls which sounds great in a book, but I can promise you neither looks great nor feels good to brush. I aim to create soft curls.


If my hair isn’t playing ball, I generally stick to three other styles; A sort of half up bun – half down curls. A very high ponytail with any bumps squashed down with a bobby pin. Or finally scraped into a messy bun. I don’t think there’s a such thing as a neat bun with curly hair

Capture 5
Holidaying in Sligo

So there you have it. Nothing fancy, cheap AF and purely aimed at having to brush out as few knots as physically possible.

And now the horrible hair history as promised! :

1 The time my mother convinced me a bob was a great idea –it wasn’t.

World’s Most Fabulous Child?

2 The time I thought ringlets were cool.

Capture 1
A rare picture of Teenage Katherine smiling. -I was a grumpy teenager.

3 Or how about the time I let the girls in school dye it a weird purple red colour in the bathroom of a hotel on a school trip without my mother’s permission.

Check out those roots (and lack of brows)!

4 I got into wearing rollers at night for a while. This wasn’t the worst, but was definitely a lot of hassle.

Badly focused, but you get the idea!

5 The time I dyed my hair burgundy, to orange, to blonde. I guarantee it sounds cooler than it looked!

Some intense shoulder action!

The chop-I cut all the blonde bits off because my hair was fried.

Having a few cheeky ones at the Hairy Lemon pub. Also what was I thinking with my eyebrows?!

Extensions. I couldn’t stand short hair.

Attempting to be ‘hip’ in Lover’s Lane, Temple Bar

8 Growing it out and trying to find a shape.

Capture 4
Pretending my eyeball wasn’t itching because of the hair in my eye!